How to Maximize Your WebSpeed Applications

Posted by Bethe Tomasek on 04-Nov-2016 10:43

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Many of our customers are running WebSpeed applications and are very happy with the high performance and low maintenance. These applications can be modernized by moving to a web front end using Kendo UI. They can be more efficient by using the new 11.6.3 Data Object WebHandler and Progress AppServer (PASOE.)

The WebHandler, beginning with the web transport/handler functionality introduced in 11.6, is a richer interface with more functionality than WebSpeed. For example, it supports all HTTP verbs whereas WebSpeed supports just GET and PUT.  WebSpeed has one entry point to the app and developers had to heavily customize web-disp.p. Using PASOE WebHandler you can have as many entry points as you like. It is a standard interface with standard methods and supports all HTTP verbs.

What are the benefits of using PASOE and WebHandler for WebSpeed applications?

Simplicity – a more integrated and simplified architecture. PASOE includes support for multiple servers in a single instance; you do not need to configure and run separate Web server, WebSpeed Transaction server, and AppServer instances. All files (static, dynamic, executable) can be deployed in a single packagae

Functionality - WebSpeed on PASOE supports all standard HTTP verbs. Classic WebSpeed only supported the GET and POST HTTP verbs. WebSpeed on PASOE supports event procedures that were not supported on classic WebSpeed. Classic WebSpeed only supports a limited set of file types for uploading. WebSpeed on PASOE supports all media types for uploading and downloading, for example, stream binary files, PDFs.

Security – PASOE uses Spring security for authentication and HTTPS is enabled by default. When installed in Production mode PASOE is secured and access must be enabled for each application.

Performance - despite WebSpeed already having high performance, the new WebSpeed with PASOE will actually be faster than the classic WebSpeed. PASOE uses fewer system resources than classic WebSpeed.

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