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Posted by rayherring on 20-Oct-2016 23:22

Trying to install Progress Developer Studio OE 11.2 onto my new laptop (running Win10 - I have 2 other Win10 devices with PDSOE 11.2 which work 100% but one of those is an older laptop that is dying).

I can install PDSOE 11.2 32bit just fine, however when I go to run the AppBuilder (my shortcut on the desktop has 'Target: C:\Progress\OpenEdge\bin\prowin32.exe -p _ab.p -pf config/' and 'Start In: C:\webdev') it comes up with a message about not being able to find PROMSGS.

I have checked both other devices and none of them have registry entries for PROMSGS or environment variables, etc... and their shortcuts are set up exactly the same.

If I create an environment variable PROMSGS pointing to c:\Progress\OpenEdge\promsgs and restart the computer, the AppBuilder shortcut them complains about "Unable to open parameter file /usr/dlc\".

I'm pretty much at a loss as to what I am doing wrong here, as said, this exact same set up works just fine and dandy on 2 other devices.

Also, i'm stuck with AppBuilder, I need it for ps:escript and the AppBuilder is set up in remote mode to access all the .p files from the server.

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Posted by rayherring on 20-Oct-2016 23:28

Strange, I appear to have fixed it just by setting an environment variable for "DLC". Not sure why I didn't need that on the other 2 devices.

Posted by Frank Meulblok on 21-Oct-2016 04:56

Looks like you ran into the installer bug that mangles the registry keys where these settings are stored. (See )

If that's the case, you'll probably see other side effects as well soon enough.

That was first fixed in 11.3.0

Incidentally, you should be running at least 11.3.3 to be on a certified & supported configuration:


And I believe it was there or in 11.4 that additional tooling for WebSpeed remote development was added in the PDS:OE as well, so that might be worth checking out.

Posted by rayherring on 21-Oct-2016 07:17

Unfortunately upgrading isn't an option at this time. Would love to, but can't, unless I can continue to keep the databases in 11.2 and use 11.3 or 11.4 purely for the coding side of things? Compilation happens on the server end anyway when I press 'save' in AppBuilder.

I did come across other issues once I sorta resolved the promsgs issue, if I open a .p file the editor has really really tiny text, if I go 'file->open' and then click anywhere the appbuilder crashes, and when I go to 'options -> preferences' and click on the 'print' tab it complains about the font dropdown.

It's just strange how I don't have these issues at all on any of my other Win10 devices.

Exported the registry branch 'PSC' on my old laptop, backed up the PSC branch on my new laptop, deleted the PSC branch from my new laptop, merged the PSC branch from the old laptop onto this new one, deleted all environment variables, restarted the laptop, fired up AppBuilder and most of it is now working correctly.

The font sizes are all good, it doesn't complain about promsgs anymore, though I still can't use file->open because it crashes if I click on something.

Still, I can live with that, I know what all my .p and .i files are named anyway, and I can still scroll through the open dialog and use the text boxes, I just can't click on any directories or files. I only use the laptop when I'm working in one of our branches, otherwise I use my desktop 100% of the time.

Posted by OctavioOlguin on 21-Oct-2016 13:45

you should upgrade to 11.6 for developing, and keep database running on 11.2...

you will be able to develop in 11.99 if it would be the case,

As somewhere is documented about 11.xx compatibility with all the numbers in between..

Posted by rayherring on 22-Oct-2016 03:55

Grabbed the eval version of  Openedge 32bit 11.6, installed just fine, AppBuilder fires up just fine, but it has the same crashing issues, checked in Event Viewer and the issue is related to prowin32.exe and comctl32.ocx, did some more googling and found a topic related to it with regards to touchscreens, since my laptop is a 2-in-1 (foldover version) I followed the advice in it to stop the "touchscreen keyboard" service, fired up AppBuilder again and the crashing issue goes away completely.

Will just set up a .bat file which turns off the service before it fires up the AppBuilder, reading the kb article on it and the topic I found it suggests that once the AppBuilder is up it doesn't matter if the service is running, it just can't be running when you open the AppBuilder (will have to test this though).

I can't move away from AppBuilder either as I need the ps:escript integration for accessing the HTML files in the PSE database via "ps:escript editor".

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