Spring Security simplifies delivery of secure OpenEdge appli

Posted by Bethe Tomasek on 19-Oct-2016 13:50

Here’s a great tech tip from our System Engineer – Jean Munro.  I thought I should share with the community. 

Spring Security simplifies delivery of secure OpenEdge applications for today’s world

The Progress Application Server for OpenEdge (PAS for OpenEdge) includes the Spring Security framework to handle authentication and authorization. You no longer need to build that security functionality into your business application yourself. Your ABL business applications benefit by running in a secured web environment, and gain efficiency because ABL logic is executed in a Multi-Session Agent.

PAS for OpenEdge is preconfigured to allow HTTP clients access to the ABL applications that you specify. Each service-interface type (REST, WEB, etc.) is implemented as a transport.  Transports translate HTTP messages into requests that can be executed in ABL business applications. All the transports are packaged into a single PAS for OpenEdge web application, allowing a single ABL business application to handle requests from different HTTP client types in a streamlined deployment architecture.

Learn more about all the latest OpenEdge security features available by attending the upcoming Online Roundtable – Enhance Security for Your OpenEdge App

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