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Posted by Sanjeva Manchala on 06-Oct-2016 12:00

Hi Andrzej,

If you have imported a REST project from pre-11.6 into 11.6 workspace, that project can only be published to classic servers (restbroker1, restmgr1). If you want that project to be published to PAS OE server then first you need to convert the project to ABL Web App project. After that you can be able to see the services in Add and Remove... Dialog if PAS OE server.

If you want to publish the services to classic servers then right click on restmgr1 node from server view and then select Add and Remove... context menu option. All services under REST project will be shown in the dialog.

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On Oct 6, 2016 9:50 PM, Andrzej_Sz <> wrote:
Update from Progress Community

I've added REST project from disc to my workspace. I can't see this project module and rest service in "servers" view of Developer Studio. How should I refresh this view to see them ?



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