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Posted by Elsworth Burmeister on 05-Oct-2016 02:19

Hi guys

Im working on a script using PCT to compile my programs code.

However im batting to establish a DB connection using the PCTConnection statement as my DB is started up with the

-Mm parameter set to 10240.

Ive tried using the param file aswell but still no luck.

params.pf contains the following:

-H test -S test -U test -P test -Mm 10240

<PCTConnection dbName="test" logicalName="test" paramFile="${par.dir}\params.pf" />


[PCTCompile] Unable to connect to -db test-pf C:\ProgramMaintenance\PCT\params.pf -S 9068 -ld test -H test -U test -P test
[PCTCompile] Server has -Mm parm 10240 and client has 1024. They must match. (1150)


Seems that the -Mm hasnt even been picked up??


Can anyone provide some direction on how i can do this?




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Posted by riverside on 05-Oct-2016 03:14

-Mm is a session parameter, and is set in PCTRun ; see msgBufferSize attribute.


Posted by Elsworth Burmeister on 05-Oct-2016 03:55


Thanks but i dont know how this will work in my situation?

im currently doing this.. and it fails in the DB connection

<PCTCompile destDir="${b1.dir}" dlcHome="${env.DLC}" relativePaths="true" assemblies="${ass.dir}">

 <!-- DB Connection -->

 <PCTConnection dbName="test" logicalName="test" hostName="test" dbPort="9068" userName="test" password="test" singleUser="false" />

 <!-- Source Code -->

 <fileset dir="${s1.dir}">

   <include name="**/*.cls"/>

   <include name="**/*.p"/>

   <exclude name="**/aps361dl.p"/>

   <exclude name="**/aps391i.p"/>


 <!-- Propath -->


   <pathelement path="${b1.dir}\Creditors" />



Form what is see this PCTRun command does not support the PCTCompile command in the documentation?

What do i need to get this compile script working with the PCTRun command that caters for this -Mm command??

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Posted by Simon L. Prinsloo on 05-Oct-2016 04:02

PCTCompile is a sub-class of PCTRun, so you need to specify the attribute msgBufferSize="10240" on <PCTCompile...>, not <PCTConnection...>.

Posted by Elsworth Burmeister on 05-Oct-2016 04:03


I solved the issues.... figured out that pctrun is the base class for pctcompile and so we just had to add the parameter msgBufferSize to pctcompile command.


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