Creating and importing a Self-Signed certificate

Posted by coates_aj on 29-Sep-2016 04:55


I'm using Openedge 10.2B08 and trying to create a self-signed certificate and then importing it using the pkiutil tool. The purpose of this will be to enable SSL for the DB and 4GL Client.

The process I'm using to do this within proenv is as follow:

  • pkiutil -keysize 2048 -newreq oe_test_ssl
  • makecert.exe -r -n -CN=oe_test_ssl -sk %DLC%\keys\requests\oe_test_ssl.pk10 %DLC%\keys\requests\oe_test_ssl.cer
  • pkiutil -format DER -import oe_test_ssl %DLC%\keys\requests\oe_test_ssl.cer

For the final phase I get the error: "Incorrect digital certificate imported for oe_test_ssl"

Does anybody have any ideas what is causing the problem?

Many Thanks

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Posted by Srinivas Munigala on 30-Sep-2016 08:32

I could replicate the issue on 10.2B08. Can you please contact Tech Support to log a RFA to someone look into this issue.

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