Progress Developer Studio goes to 100% CPU while single step

Posted by Tim Kuehn on 06-Sep-2016 09:58

11.6 SP 2 on Windows 7

Needless to say this makes debugging painfully slow. Has anyone else run into this and has a fix?

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Posted by James Palmer on 06-Sep-2016 10:58

Yes I've seen this. It's been in various versions as well. Unfortunately I've never managed to track it down. My colleague had the issue, I didn't. It has something to do with the way the workspace is set up but I couldn't track it down.

Posted by cverbiest on 06-Sep-2016 11:23

workaround :

    run the code outside of eclipse and use the old debugger. When I run inside eclipse the old debugger complains debugging is not enabled even though it is

Posted by Ramadevi Dhavala on 07-Sep-2016 06:03


Can you please let us know how much big is your project? What is the no. of projects and the no. of abl files that are present in your work space? Are you using 32  bit PDS OE or 64 bit PDS OE? While working with large projects, 64 bit PDS OE gives better performance compared to 32 bit PDS OE.



Posted by Samuel ETTERLEN on 07-Sep-2016 06:17

If your project use a lot of includes, you can check 'Add file only once' + 'Cache the file content' + 'Trim the content' in Windows / Preferences / Progress OpenEdge / Advanced / Parsing.

If you're using SVN, you can also try to temporarily deactivate it.

Posted by slacroixak on 12-Sep-2016 02:40

Try to cleanup items in the Debugger Expressions view (or just use the "Remove all expressions" button)

I sometimes hit this issue when this view holds many items (variables, buffers) I added a long time ago and that are not relevant for the piece of code I am debugging.  I imagine it makes the debugger and the connected AVM very busy at looking for these items.  Just removing them solves the problem

Posted by Lieven De Foor on 16-Sep-2016 03:41

Switch to the Breakpoints tab instead of Variables or the others.

Variables are not refreshed when the tab isn't visible, which hugely improves step speed!

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