Displaying Time in Hour:Minute:Seconds:Milliseconds

Posted by Johnson Thomas on 24-Aug-2016 21:31

Could anybody please help me on this.

Display String(time, "HH:MM:SS"). How can I have the milliseconds also in this.

We are older progress version, I can't find a datetime datatype in this.

Thank you.

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Posted by Tony on 24-Aug-2016 21:51

Hi Johnson,

I the format is restricted to HH:MM:SS.SSS for a datetime datatype.  eg Display String(NOW, "HH:MM:SS.SSS").

The formating for the String(time) doesn't cater for milliseconds.

Tested in OE11.3

Posted by Peter Judge on 24-Aug-2016 21:52

What’s “older”?
The DATETIME and -TZ variants were introduced in the 10- something range.

Posted by Peter Judge on 24-Aug-2016 21:56

In 10.x + (when the DATETIME types were introduced) you  can use the ISO-DATE function or you have to write your own STRING() function.  If you choose the latter, look at the MTIME(<datetime-[tz]) function in addition to the DATE, YEAR, MONTH, TIMEZONE functions.

Posted by Johnson Thomas on 24-Aug-2016 23:37

Thanks, This was for an instance running in progress 9.1 E. I understand that Datetime is introduced in Progress 10x onwards

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