Progress .p program not working suddenly.

Posted by markell trotter on 17-Aug-2016 10:03

Hello community,

I have a program that has been working fine for the last couple of days with no problems. Today when Q/A tried testing it on their computer, it didn't say procedure complete anymore all of a sudden it just showed a blank screen. It doesn't even run on my computer anymore. All of the other programs say procedure complete as soon as I press f1 to run them. What could be the causes of this and what are some solutions if any?


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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 17-Aug-2016 10:08

Sounds like a loop to me.  Run it in the debugger and see what’s going on.

Posted by AdrianJones on 17-Aug-2016 10:15

are you using the same database as qa? any chance its hitting a bad record/index and hanging

Posted by markell trotter on 17-Aug-2016 10:30

Thanks Brian I will try running it in the debugger.

Posted by markell trotter on 17-Aug-2016 10:31

Yes we are in the same db. I am going to see if its hitting a bad record though also. Thanks for the information

Posted by Brian K. Maher on 17-Aug-2016 10:36

You can also always use -clientlog client.log -logginglevel 4 -logentrytypes 4GLTrace to enable tracing.

Posted by markell trotter on 17-Aug-2016 10:38

I am sorry Brian I don't understand that level of information. I forgot to mention that I am new to this technology. I just started working with this two months ago and do not have that much level of understanding.

Posted by Brian K. Maher on 17-Aug-2016 10:42

Those are startup parameters.  They go either on the command line or in a .pf which which then goes on the command line.
prowin32.exe -clientlog c:\mystuff\client.log -logginglevel 4 -logentrytypes
create a file containing those parameters, one per line and save the file as then the command line would be
prowin32.exe -pf
Since you are new I would strongly recommend that you open a support case with us and we can go through all the options for debugging.  You have lots of options.

Posted by markell trotter on 17-Aug-2016 11:03

Oh ok I understand now and will do.

Thanks again

Posted by Keith Sudbury on 17-Aug-2016 11:08

Since you are getting started you should also spend some time going through the OpenEdge documentation:

The deployment section covers the concepts of deploying code and setting up shortcuts. The development tools section has a section on the debugger. Quite a lot of information is available in the documentation... finding what you are looking for isn't always easy though :-)

Posted by cverbiest on 18-Aug-2016 02:45

Another useful tool in this case is proGetStack. It signals the progress process to write a protrace file in the working directory.


Posted by jankeir on 18-Aug-2016 03:24

Just be aware of the risks of calling proGetStack multiple times on the same process (

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