Openedge 11.6.2 and netlib/Openedge.Net library location

Posted by on 29-Jul-2016 04:12

We are currently running on OE 11.5.1 but are in early testing of upgrading to 11.6.2.  Some of the processes make use of the library found in $DLC/netlib/Openedge.Net, in particular the IHTTPRequests and Reponses.

However, our testing has stopped at the first hurdle because I cannot find that library in the 11.6 directory structure!

Can someone perhaps help to explain whether:  the library has been moved to another location?  Or is our installation of 11.6 was incomplete in some way?  

(Someone else performed the install so I do not know what options were prompted)

Many thanks

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Posted by Ruben Dröge on 29-Jul-2016 04:15

Try $DLC/gui/netlib/ or $DLC/tty/netlib/

Posted by on 29-Jul-2016 04:29

Thanks for the pointer, however I have looked for both.  (also tried for /src/netlib)

I do not have a $DLC/gui at all, and the $DLC/tty does not contain a /netlib directory

I have searched all of the 11.6.2 $DLC for a /netlib, and cannot find it anywhere.  

Is is an install option that was accidentally missed?

Posted by Mike Fechner on 29-Jul-2016 04:37

Which OS are you using? Looks like a Unix/Linux setup when there is no GUI. Those .pl's may be part of the dev setups only. In this case, try copying the .pl from a windows setup to your Unix/Linux box.

Posted by on 29-Jul-2016 05:40

We are using Linux.    Unfortunately we only have the 11.6.2 upgrade for Linux at present, so I do not have an 11.6.2 windows environment to copy from.

Posted by Peter Judge on 29-Jul-2016 08:22

You should be able to get the Development Server off ESD (a free download to enable cross-compilation).

As of 11.7 the will be available with all products.

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