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Posted by Mark Davies on 21-Jul-2016 05:47

Hi all,

Probably one of those age-old questions, but with a twist a haven't really seen an answer for yet.

I need to do a quote for a prospective client that has a very small maintenance user base, but would have a very large end-user base via web services (REST). Without giving to much info about the client's product idea, it is mainly a few users that maintains data via an OpenEdge application (probably around 10 at most), but with potentially thousands of online users querying data and placing orders - potentially a thousand or so requests per minute (with the option to grow).

Traditionally I would probably look at the traditional appserver, but some previous trials and POCs on the PAS OE has proved to be a major benefit in resource consumption and Scalability.

Based on the scenario above (small application user-base, but large web services consumption), what is the ratio of calculating the number of db and PAS OE licenses that I would need to quote on?

Thanks in advance

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Posted by Paul Koufalis on 21-Jul-2016 08:00

My understanding is that you need named user licenses for the known maintenance users and access agents for the unknown users. You buy the number of access agents you need to handle the load: 5, 10, 100...from a licensing perspective, the number of agents is not related to the number of users.

BUT...there is a grey area when it comes to access agents: the web users have to either be unknown (impossible if they login to the website) OR they have to use the application less than 2 hours per week.

Posted by Mark Davies on 21-Jul-2016 08:16

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the reply.

Just to confirm my understanding of an access agent - it counts as a user on the DB, thus, for a scenario where I want at most 10 active users running an application connecting to AppServer and estimate that another 10 agents would suffice in the initial load for access users I would at least need to buy a minimum of 20 database user licenses?

Posted by Paul Koufalis on 21-Jul-2016 08:32

Almost: there are named user and access agent licenses to purchase on both sides of the conx. Using your example, you would purchase:

10 named user PASOE

10 named user Ent DB

10 access agent PASOE

10 access agent Ent DB

Of course the standard disclaimers apply and I could be wrong: I assist regularly in Progress license audits so I do have an excellent understanding of Progress licensing but I am not a Progress sales rep. Get your hands on the licensing guide for your region and look at the definitions of "named user" and "access agent".

Posted by Dave Walker on 01-Aug-2016 06:10

Hi Mark,

Just interested here if you sorted out what you actually required.  Seems a pretty straight forward requirement, so would be interested in how much the licenses would actually cost.



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