OE Studio 10.2B and Windows 10

Posted by pfred on 20-Jul-2016 18:16

Hi Folks

Sorry if this has been asked before buy I couldn't find any real discussion on the topic.

Currently I have OE Studio 10.2B installed and happily running on Windows 7.  The free Win10 upgrade finishes very soon and my laptop is one of the last in our company to get updated. 

I've been trying the install (OE Studio 10.2B 32bit) onto a fresh Win 10 laptop but it's not installing properly (environment variables like PROMSGS and registry and probably other things). 

I tried an install to custom directories first up (to match my existing setup) but that failed. I then thought ok - will just use Progress's default directories but that still fails.

How have you gone if you have just updated your OS (Win7 to Win10) with OE Studio 32bit? Did it work properly after the upgrade or did you have a bunch of problems?

Any comments would be appreciated.



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Posted by Brian K. Maher on 21-Jul-2016 04:10

You need to do two things...

1)      Install 10.2B and make sure you right click the installer and select the ”Run as Administrator” option.

2)      Install the 10.2B08 service pack.

Windows 10 support requires 10.2B08.

Posted by pfred on 21-Jul-2016 16:57


Thanks for your help - will try it out this morning.


Posted by pfred on 21-Jul-2016 17:47

Unfortunately trying to run the service pack fails with OpenEdge 10.2B installation corrupted: DLC registry key not found. Click OK to exit.

WiIll probably call Tech Support to see what they have to say.


Posted by pfred on 22-Jul-2016 00:11

Hi Libor

Thanks - I believe it looks like the problem described in KB000012311 - unfortunately, since I want 10.2B to support an existing site running 10.2B, going to 11.3 where the problem is fixed isn't feasible currently.

This version has successfully installed on Win 7 but maybe the Win10 installed hit the problem described in the KB.

I did find that registry corruption fix program yesterday and had run it but it didn't fix it for me.

Have logged a support case (00355123) so I guess I can see if they have any solution.

Thanks for pointing out the KB's.


Posted by Libor Laubacher on 22-Jul-2016 05:59

If it is indeed the 'registry corruption' bug, then you can go there (regedit) and fix them yourself. There should be an extra string in each product key which needs removing, or export the registry (both HKLM, HKCU), bulk replace in notepad and load them back.

Posted by Tai Li on 24-Jan-2017 19:59

Using the Registry Corruption Tool resolved this issue.

OpenEdge r<version> installation corrupted:
"DLC" registry key not found.
Click OK to exit.

Thanks [mention:44a028c96ca44788b729e5185220e84a:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05]. 


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