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Posted by Gary Wong on 20-Jul-2016 07:22

Dear Community,

                               I work for a startup in PNG and have been tasked with migrating data from a client's old system to the new system that we are developing for the client. The old vendor does not want to cooperate on the data migration process and we are trying to recover the data. We have access to the hard disk backups which include a snapshot of the CentOS operating system files /bin/usr etc but we do not know how to restore the db files. I need help in this.

Im thinking to install on the exact CentOS version on a pc running a copy of the openedge system. The latest version is 11.6 while the database backup files have been created using openedge 10.2B. There doesn't seem to be any download link available on this or can I just use the newest 11.6? 

Please correct me if this option is not viable else please guide me on a proper way to do this.

You help is much appreciated

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Posted by Valeriy Bashkatov on 20-Jul-2016 07:42

You can use 11.6 for restore backup which created with 10.2B.

<DLC11.6>/bin/102dbutils/102b05_dbutil prorest <dbname> <backup file form 10.2B>

After the restore is complete you need to convert this db to 11.6:

proutil <dbname> -C conv1011

And then backup the converted database :

probkup <dbname>   dbname11.6.bak

After this the database has been converted to 11.6 and can be started and used with OpenEdge 11.6

Posted by Gary Wong on 20-Jul-2016 08:21

Dear Valeriy, thank you. How would I create sql dump after restoring the 11.6?

Posted by Valeriy Bashkatov on 20-Jul-2016 09:47

First you must start the database using the parameters -H / -S


proserve sports -H localhost -S 5050

What is the size of your database?

SQLDUMP can be used for small databases - this utility sequentially dump the contents of all tables.


sqldump -t %.%  -u <username> -a <password> progress:T:<hostname>:<port number>:<dbname>


sqldump -t %.%  -u sysprogress -a sysprogress progress:T:localhost:5050:sports

Posted by Gary Wong on 20-Jul-2016 09:56

The size is about 3gb, is this ok?

Posted by Valeriy Bashkatov on 20-Jul-2016 10:02

I think, yes.

You need to try to see how long it will go to the dump. I do not think for a long time.

On what system you are migrating? Oracle? MS SQL?

Posted by Gary Wong on 20-Jul-2016 10:15

This is on MSSQL. Ok I will try out your suggestions and get back to you. Many thanks!

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