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Posted by goo on 13-Jul-2016 12:57

OE 11.6

Is it possible to setup a serverA that can connect to AppServers on ServerB and ServerC ?

I would like to connect to an AppServer using

-URL http://xxx.yyyy.no/aia/Aia?AppService=MyApp

where xxx.yyy.no is pointing to ServerA and the default nameserver is sending the request to more than one server?

I know that it is possible to setup the default NameServer to REMOTE and set a IP address to one of the servers, but is it possible to set it up to more than one?

Is there another way of getting the same result? The xxx.yyy.no is the official IP address, but I would like to forward the request to other servers. As it is now I have a rule in the firewall taking the ip address and port 80 (http) and forwarding it to a serverA's NameServer and the AppServer MyApp is located on that server. I know I can setup this server as a forwarder to another server, but I would like to have more than one server if I have several AppServers.

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Posted by Roy Ellis on 13-Jul-2016 13:36

Hi Goo,

Are you looking for load balancing? In other words, will all your AppServers have the same AppService name?  If so you will need an extra license: NameServer LoadBalancing.

If you are just looking to select different AppServers through the NameServer that is easy.  Merely make sure each AppServer on different machines have different AppServer Names.  Then add a remote NameServer that points to ServerA.  Then make that NameServer your "controllingNameServer".

Each time you start a AppServer now it will register with the NameServer using it's AppService Name to distinguish it's self from the other AppServers.

There is no technical limit to number of AppServers connecting to a single NameServer, but there are practical limits like the NameServer machines memory, CPU and network band-width.

Now each request will have a different AppService name, examples:

-URL xxx.yyyy.no/.../Aia

-URL xxx.yyyy.no/.../Aia

-URL xxx.yyyy.no/.../Aia

Hope this helps, let me know if you have more questions,


Posted by danielb on 13-Jul-2016 14:45

Hi goo,

This is possible, although it always looks a bit strange when I go back and look at the configuration.We use UDP broadcasting at a network level to manage it. I'm not sure about the licencing required to achieve this, but we do have NameServer Load Balancing licenced as well.

ServerB and ServerC have their own local nameservers (ns_A and ns_B) running. They also have remote NameServers defined as ns_UDP, with a remote IP address of 192.x.x.255). All AppServers are defined to register with ns_UDP.

Incoming connections from the AIA and Tomcat also go through the broadcast address (192.x.x.255), as do AppServer:// protocol connections.


Daniel B.

Posted by Peter Judge on 15-Jul-2016 02:58

Just a note on differences between classic AppServer/NameServer and PASOE is that the latter has no nameserver. Each instance is uniquely named by its host:port . You can , of course, use a load balancer or some other URL rewriting frontend to redirect requests.

Posted by goo on 19-Jul-2016 14:31

Thanks, sorry for late respons, been doing some vacation :-) I hoped so, and will try it out.

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