Upcoming Michigan / West Michigan PUG meetings: Modernizatio

Posted by Scott Dulecki on 23-Jun-2016 13:22

July 20 and 21 are the dates for the next MPUG and WMPUG meetings. Each day-long meeting will feature a hands-on OE Modernization workshop in the morning with optional golf in the afternoon. Register for either (or both!) events here:

MPUG: https://community.progress.com/progress_user_groups/pug_michigan/c/e/460
WMPUG: https://community.progress.com/progress_user_groups/pug_west_michigan/c/e/459

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Posted by James Palmer on 24-Jun-2016 03:29

Optional afternoon golf. What a fantastic idea. I shall be stealing that for the next UK PUG meeting!

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