Java virtual machine error after installing 11.6.2 patch

Posted by goo on 07-Jun-2016 09:24

I installed the latest patch of OpenEdge 11.6.2 (x32) and after a restart, I am not able to start OpenEdge Studio. I am geting an error right away saying Could not create the Java Virtual Machine.... I am not getting that when starting 11.5 on the same machine. 11.6 was running just fine before the installation.... 

Any clue? I have opened a case with TechSupport... but wonderd if anyone have been into the same?

//Geir Otto

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Posted by goo on 07-Jun-2016 09:50

I was asked to check knowledgebase article number 000064235, and that fixed the problem. I changed -Xmx from 1024m to 768m and it fixed the problem

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