How do we write to a dataserver schema that uses BIGINT (int

Posted by jamali on 01-Jun-2016 09:57

We have created a schema on a Windows Machine for one of our SQL tables that uses BIGINT datatype. 

On our main UNIX machine (running 10.2B) we can connect to this database, and read data. When trying to write data, we ran across the issue:

"Incompatible data types in expression or assignment."

We dumped the df file of the schema/MSS database on the Windows machine and noticed that progress created it as INT64:

ADD FIELD "ProductionID" OF "Production" AS int64 

The only issue is, our UNIX system does not support INT64 (10.2B...we tried to add a field to a database and got an error message stating we could only use decimal, character, etc.)

Is there a work-around for this?

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