EMEA PUG Challenge 2016! Call for Speakers

Posted by Mike Fechner on 01-Jun-2016 07:11


This year the PUG Challenge event will be held in the Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin, Astrid Boulevard 5, 2202 BK Noordwijk, Netherlands from 5th - 7th October 2016.

This year we are organising a full 3 day conference. Unlike previous years, the first day will consist of workshops and breakout sessions.

Our goal is to deliver practical and highly valuable technical and business oriented content to our attendees - people involved in developing, integrating and managing applications. We are interested in content that:

  • Demonstrates techniques and/or technology
  • Provides/discusses code examples and illustrative diagrams
  • Is informative and instructional
  • Provides insight into current software development trends
  • Illustrates use cases or success stories

Sessions may be organized as a detailed how-to presentation, may focus on best practices, or may be case studies that show the power of the Progress Software products or related technologies and industry trends.

We are planning five parallel tracks with topics on:

  • User interface technologies including Mobile and Web UI
  • OpenEdge Development, Administration and Management
  • Development and Architecture including Developer Productivity, Tools and Frameworks, Business Process Management, Workflow Automation
  • Telerik, Sitefinity, Corticon, Modulus, Data Direct, Integration Technologies, SaaS
  • Cloud computing, PaaS, Progress Rollbase and Pacific

In addition to these tracks, we are accepting proposals for practical hands on workshops and other topics of interest plus we would also like to provide time slots for "Birds of a Feather" style sessions for discussions between like-minded interest groups.

This year for the first time we are going to be offering break-out sessions also on the Wednesday. The EMEA PUG Challenge 2016 will be effectively a full three days conference. Please indicate with your submission if you may not be able to be delivering your presentation on the Wednesday.

All sessions on Thursday and Friday will be 60 minutes in length, including questions and answers. On Wednesday we may have opportunities for some 90 minute sessions as well. If you feel your session needs more time, please state that in your proposal as it may be possible to schedule your session as two breakout slots.

To submit your presentation email i-want-to-participate@pugchallenge.eu

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Posted by Riverside Software on 01-Jun-2016 07:22

And June 11th is the deadline !

Posted by Jeff Ledbetter on 01-Jun-2016 10:40

That's a short notice.

Posted by Mike Fechner on 01-Jun-2016 10:43

As a fellow Alumni speaker this is not your first notice.

Posted by Jeff Ledbetter on 01-Jun-2016 10:57

The first one I've seen.. :-\

Posted by Mike Fechner on 01-Jun-2016 10:59

"seen" != "received" ;-)

Posted by jankeir on 02-Jun-2016 01:16

Jeff, you may want to check your spam filter, I received a mail on the 12th and 16th of may.

Posted by marian.edu on 06-Jun-2016 11:51

Hey Jeff, you won’t get anywhere with Mike on this… but have been told they do prefer quality so skip the beer over the coming weekend and send something along ;)

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