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Posted by bart.syryn on 01-Jun-2016 03:38

Hi, I've posted my question two weeks ago, but no response, so I try again. I have a dataset with two temp-tables attached. I have an ABL Form with a bindingsource and ultrawingrid. The ultrawingrid has two bands (Band(0) for tt-table 1 and Band(1) for tt-table 2). The ultrawingrid is attached to the bindingsource. Normally when you click on a row, the temp-table record gets available. It works for a row in band(0), but not for a row in band(1). And strange thing is, it only happens the first time you click on a row in Band(1). If you click on another row in Band(1) after the first click, that record gets available. Any help ??? Kind regards Bart S.

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Posted by Mike Fechner on 01-Jun-2016 03:50

I haven't tried that in ages.... problem with BindingSource's and ProDatasets is that Microsoft never designed the BindingSource for a hierarchical data source like a ProDataset. The ADO.NET BindingSource for instance only has a single Position attribute (used for the first table) and a single PositionChanged event.

So you might have to work with UltraGrid events and handle the Row Activate events and find your record manually.

The Telerik RadGridView allows to use multiple BindingSource for each level ... for good reaons :-)

Posted by bart.syryn on 01-Jun-2016 04:02

Hi Mike,

So your saying that the only solution is to find the record manually with the info that is in the columns ....

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