Diacritics code page 1252

Posted by e.schutten on 20-May-2016 03:40


OpenEdge 10.2B SP8


I have a character client and a gui client both running with code page 1252.

When I do ALT-137 in the gui client I see character "‰".

But when I do the same in a character client I see character "ë".

Character "‰" in the gui client is correct one.

What must I do so that I also see the "‰" in the character client when I'm doing ALT-137?

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Posted by DenDuze on 20-May-2016 03:52

Not sure but I suggest to look @your used font!

I needed to change my font from MS Sans serif to Microsft Sans serif to get other characters correct in 1252

Posted by Stefan Drissen on 20-May-2016 04:52

Based on:





chcp 1252


You will lose all line drawing characters - since these are not in 1252.

Beware of side effects!

Posted by e.schutten on 20-May-2016 07:25

It is still not working. What I understood from the articles you send me is that ISO and 1252 should not be used by character clients, they are GUI code pages. But now I wonder what if my client character session is ibm850, my GUI client is 1252 and my database is also 1252. Is this going to work?

Posted by Stefan Drissen on 20-May-2016 09:29

I am using 11.6x64 (on Windows 10):

Same results with 10.2B08x64 (on Windows 10)

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