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Posted by Riverside Software on 17-May-2016 08:07


The knowledge base website is somewhat broken (at least with my browser) since the new look and feel.

First minor annoyance, screen flickering when you open as the main menu is first displayed then hidden.

Then selecting an entry in the "Product group" list immediatly shows the last updated entries, where the search box is not available anymore. When using the search box first, the "product group" listbox doesn't work. This makes it quite impossible to find anything when the search term appears in almost any Progress product.

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Posted by cverbiest on 17-May-2016 08:41

On top of that Selecting an article type resets the product group to "-- No - filter --".

I have the impression that "product group"' and "area of interest" are not working at all.

I get URL's looking like this

a lot of ampersands with no parameters.

Posted by AdrianJones on 17-May-2016 08:46


fragments of my page seem to be in itallian: "INFORMAZIONI" and "Formato stampa" in chrome

seems to be variable. sometimes  "Formato stampa" shows as "printable view"

query fragments indicates it should be english (as most of it is) &l=en_US

IE looks ok.

Posted by Carly on 17-May-2016 09:43


Thank you for reporting this issue! The developer team is looking into resolving it, and I will update you as more information becomes available.

Best regards,

Carly Connor

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