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Posted by Jens Dahlin on 10-May-2016 01:16

We are considering moving our production from bare metal servers to a private cloud. One of the better looking options is based on OpenStack. Any thoughts about that - OpenStack itself doesn't seem to be on the Product Availability and Lifecycle List like VMWare or Citrix (on the other hand - no hardware vendor is really on that list).

Are there any reference material/best practices when considering virtualisation/cloud. I've been looking at Libor Laubachers whitepaper "Getting the Most Out of Virtualization of Your Progress OpenEdge Environment" dated 8.10.2013.

Perhaps there is something more recent?

(We're currently on 11.6 on RHEL, HP-servers).

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Posted by gus on 10-May-2016 07:46

what do you hope to gain from doing this?

Posted by Jens Dahlin on 10-May-2016 08:05

Mostly lower cost of administration and ease of handling/scaling. Getting away from having to change hardware every x years would be nice. We run a few servers and have no full time administrators (db/hardware/os). We currently run our own hardware co-located with os-level management outsourced.

Performance is not one the the hopes. We just want to make sure we get fast enough performance for our use cases.

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