Detect and retrieve information from camera

Posted by Rob Taylor on 14-Apr-2016 15:09

I'm looking to determine when a camera is plugged in via USB, and retrieve all pictures taken before a certain time.

I was wondering if anyone has done something similar?
If so, specifically how are you connecting to the camera and is it listed as a removable storage device or portable device?

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Posted by jbijker on 14-Apr-2016 23:25

I guess the biggest problem would be to detect the USB camera. What OS are you using? Unix has a couple of usb utilities you can use, e.g. lsusb. Searching for "lsusb windows" also gave me some hits.

After you've detected the camera you need to get to the files. I know cameras can connect in different modes, the easiest is probably if you can set it to a usb storage device. It implies you will be able to get to the files via a normal directory, and you will be able to check timestamps.

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