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Posted by bart.syryn on 13-Apr-2016 03:47

Hi, I'm trying to get the following to work without any success. I have one server with IIS, two databases, two webspeedapplications and I want two webspeedbrokers. One for each database/application and both with there own compiled html-files. Problem is that the second webspeed broker keeps pointing to the first one. So it executes the compiled html-files of the first webspeed application and points to the first database. I've tried the following solution: I must mention that I placed the script-files into another directory and use .init files, so my url is: servername/.../wslogin.html and servername/.../wslogin.html Where in the .init files the following is added: etest.init: -i wsetest (for the first application) etestdev.init: -i wsetestdev cgiip -f C:\Progressx86\OpenEdge\properties\properties\ubroker.properties_Dev (for the second application that isn't working) Nameserver is disabled. Any suggestions ?

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Posted by on 13-Apr-2016 05:24

Hey Bart,

maybe you can drop cgi-bin all together and give a try :)

One 'messenger' inside the node.js server that can connect to multiple brokers (even with load balancing based on alias/weight)... each broker get's it's own mounting point - http://host/broker/some_file_to_run



Posted by Roy Ellis on 13-Apr-2016 07:06

Hi Bart,

You say the NameServer is disabled?  Then how is cgiip finding any WebSpeed broker?  The -i WServiceName tells the NameServer which WebSpeed broker to redirect the request too.  Without a NameServer you must give the Host and Port of the WebSpeed Broker

In the cgiip.wsc, you will see 4 different ways to use the file: 2 and 4 expect the NameServer, 3 just explains how to point to another (not in DLC).  1 is the format you should be using.

You need to set hostname port.  The port is the WebSpeed broker port (not the NameServer), 3090 by default.

If both WebSpeed brokers are configured in a single, then you don't need to use the -f and redirect to separate files.

Lastly, I have no idea what the your .init files are doing, but if it is like the cgiip.wsc then is needs to either call the $DLC/bin/cgiip.exe and pass the host and port or, as with cgiip.wsc, be associated with cgiip.wsc by ISS (as in kbase:

Hope this helps, Roy

Posted by bart.syryn on 13-Apr-2016 10:11

Hi Roy,

Thanks for replying.

First, the two .init files are just a replacement of the .wsc files.

What I have is one messenger.CGIIP on port 3055 (what is set by default).

Then i have two webspeed brokers:

- wsetest on port 3055

- wsetestdev on port 3070

In my two .init files I have two lines:


hqserver 3055

-i wsetest


hqserver 3055

-i wsetestdev

So if i use /etest.init/wslogin.html or servername//etestdev.init/wslogin.html, both point to the same webspeed broker and same application (wsetest). Offcourse the two webspeedbrokers have different propath's and different .pf's.

If I change my Messenger.CGIIP to port 3090 and change the two .init files to 'hqserver 3090', nothing works.

If I change my Messenger CGIIP to port 3070 and change the two .init files to 'hqserver 3070', both point to wsetestdev.

I'm doing something wrong here, but I can figure out what .....

Posted by bart.syryn on 13-Apr-2016 10:13

Hi Marian,

Thanks for replying, but at this point, I really don't have the time to look into a change of the configuration ... I can believe it's a better way to go, but like everybody, time-problem....

Posted by Roy Ellis on 13-Apr-2016 10:21

Hi Bart,

well that makes sense then.  The port value will always point to the first WebSpeed broker.  

So one .init should read:

hqserver 3055

the other .init should read:

hqserver 3070

again the -i (dash eye) is only used with a NameServer.  If you are not using a NameServer it has no value and does nothing.

Posted by bart.syryn on 13-Apr-2016 10:45

Hi Roy,

Well, I was also thinking the same, and i tried it, but both keep pointing to the same database/webspeed application ....

Posted by Roy Ellis on 13-Apr-2016 11:09

Hi Bart,

The port should override the [WebSpeed.messenger.CGIIP] port value, but lets try something.

for the first .init leave it the same.

hpserver 3055

for the second .init point to a different

1) copy to (or whatever)

2) change the default port in [WebSpeed.messenger] to 3070

second .init try

hpserver 3070 -f <path>/

And let me know,  Roy

Posted by bart.syryn on 13-Apr-2016 11:26

Hi Roy,

Is a good suggestion, tried it, but it didn't work ....

I didn't stop and start the adminservice, can that be the reason. It's a production environment, so maybe tonight I can start and stop the adminservice.

Kind regards


Posted by Roy Ellis on 13-Apr-2016 12:32

Hi Bart,

no, you don't need to restart the AdminServer.  Each time a request is made to the cgiip.exe it should read the files listed.  

the only thing you may have to restart is IIS for the changes you are doing.

I can only think the problem is with how the IIS is loading the INIT files.

Thanks, Roy

Posted by bart.syryn on 14-Apr-2016 01:26

Hi Roy,

Restarting IIS didn't help.

Maybe, for some reason, IIS always uses etest.init instead of etestdev.init (even if it's in the URL). I'll have look in that direction ...

Thanks for helping me out.

Kind regards


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