[SOLVED] Open Edge will not uninstall

Posted by Joseph Kreifels on 06-Apr-2016 09:26

I installed the 60-day eval version of 11.6 for my online course work. I discovered that what I really needed was Open Edge Classroom edition.

So now I'm trying to uninstall the eval. I've tried safe mode and get the same result

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Posted by James Palmer on 06-Apr-2016 09:31

This article might be of use. knowledgebase.progress.com/.../18709

Posted by cverbiest on 06-Apr-2016 09:57

Installing in the same directory, overwriting the destination, will probably  work as well

Posted by Joseph Kreifels on 06-Apr-2016 10:20

I'm working on removing everything from the registry. Doesn't seem to be working. I'm trying to install class room edition. It loads through the first initial screen then disappears. I can see it on the start menu, but cant bring up a GUI for it. I'm gonna leave it sit for a while. Maybe it's installing files since the C:/Progress Folder is back after I had deleted it along with the registry items.


Okay, the setup is not gone from the start menu bar and I can startup Open Edge Developer Studio. Guess it was just a non-GUI automatical installer

Posted by James Palmer on 06-Apr-2016 10:34

The classroom install is a silent install. 

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