Enquiry of OE11 last release

Posted by cammyc on 01-Mar-2016 03:27

Hi All,

In order to plan upgrading from OE10 to OE11.x, a customer in HK would like to know the last release of OE11 (i.e, OE11.7? 11.8? or 11.9?) and when it would be released.

Thank you very much for your help in advance.

Best Regards,

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Posted by Mike Fechner on 01-Mar-2016 03:38

OE 11.6 was release in Q4/2015.

OE 11.6.1 is expected soon. There are already lot's of K-Base articles mentioning that release.

OE 11.7 is expected later this year - probably Q4/2016.

Progress has not yet - and it would be very unusual to get at this stage - a release date for OE 12.

I personally am expecting to see at least an 11.8 release in 2017.

Posted by cammyc on 01-Mar-2016 03:42

Hi Mike,
Thanks a lot for your information.
Best Regards,

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