How to get a list of methods of an OO ABL class at runtime?

Posted by slacroixak on 26-Feb-2016 05:26

Hi Forum,  I seem to recall there was a plan to introduce some introspection capabilities in the AVM for 11.6 but I can't find any ABL instruction for it.

Having a Progress.Lang.Object in hands, is there a way to get a list of public/protected/private methods ?

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Posted by Mike Fechner on 26-Feb-2016 05:39

Yes - works pretty nicely. Use GetClass() to get a reference of the object instance's class and then:

Posted by Evan Bleicher on 26-Feb-2016 05:39

Hi Sebastien:  Take a look at the extension made to the Progress.Lang.Class class n 11.6.0.  These extensions provide type information about an ABL class or an interface. There is a GetMethod () method - which returns a Progress.Reflect.Method instance describing the class method that matches the specified conditions. There is also a GetMethods () method.


Posted by laurent KIEFFER on 26-Feb-2016 06:29

Hi Sebastien

you also can watch the video on Using ABL Reflection.

Another new feature is support of Enumerated types  :


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