Common Components Architecture Specification goes final

Posted by Tom Kincaid on 20-Feb-2016 09:30

I am pleased to announce...:

The Common Component Specification has it's first approved specification. The 1.0 Architecture specification is now final.  The specification team completed it's community review, incorporated all the feedback, submitted it to the steering committee for final ballot and it has now been approved as our first specification standard.

The specification is located here:

 Please let us know if you have trouble accessing it.

Here are the results of the ballot:

Specification Lead Shelley Chase
Version 1.00
Start Date: 1/29/2016
End Date: 2/12/2016
Status of Vote: Completed
Ballot Result: Passed
Consultingwerk Voted YES with the following comment:
So proud!
ProAlpha Voted Yes with no comment.
Progress Development Voted Yes with the following comment:
Thanks very much to the entire specification team!! Special thanks to the primary authors, Shelley Chase, Robin Smith and Rom Elwell.
Progress Bravepoint Voted Yes with the following comment:
Looks Great. Thanks to everyone who help to put this document together.
Quicken Loans Voted  Yes  with the following comments.
Fantastic! A couple of comments on style. In the section on Session Manager a sealed Client Principal object is referred to, then the C-P is referred to, later in the document Client-Principal security token is referred to. If these are the same object could the naming be more consistent, if they aren't the same object could some ambiguity be removed? There are references to the JSDO. Is this standard nomenclature outside of Progress? That is would someone not as familiar with Progress know what the JSDO is? 

I am really excited to be part of this process.

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