New England PUG Meeting Mar 29, 2016 WebSpeed and PASOE Work

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016 6:30 PM

Progress Corporate Offices 14 Oak Park Drive, Bedford, Mass

The New England Progress User's Group

This meeting will be a hand on workshop.  Please bring a laptop.

We will meet at 6:30 pm for Pizza, Drinks and Networking. 

The workshop will begin at 7 pm.

Thanks to David Cleary and the whole Progress team for offering this workshop and continuing to support the NEPUG reboot. 

Introduction to PASOE WEB and HRWeb Application

Starting from OpenEdge 11.6, Progress have enabled support for WEB Transport. By this support, one can easily run their existing WebSpeed code in PAS for OE Server in the new Multi-session Agent. In-addition to that, users can also develop applications in a new Object model called  OpenHTTP which provides support for all the recommended HTTP Verbs which was missing in WebSpeed.

Workshop Summary

We will be running an application that is “SpeedScript”,  KendoUI + AngularJS based UI which has its' back end written in WebHandlers and business entities. We call this application  HRWeb and in this demo we will be using Progress Developer Studio to run through of steps of developing, deploying and running WEB transport based applications in PAS for OE.

Workshop Details

1.  Deploying SpeedScript Application in PAS for OE

2.  Adding WebHandlers support for the existing application

3.  Configuring OERealm Security and URL pattern security

4.  Running WebHandlers on  a Stylish UI using kendoUI + angularJS

Did we mention that we will serve Pizza, Beer and Soft drinks?

Please RSVP on

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