lambdas and streams

Posted by agent_008_nl on 10-Feb-2016 06:07

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Posted by slacroixak on 12-Feb-2016 00:53

Lambda is so powerful indeed.  Not sure they can compare with OE find/foreach in an indexed temp-table, plus the cool aspect one can handle a temp-table or a db-table the same way, but again... one crucial missing point to compete is the multi-threading capabilities of C# and Java

Posted by agent_008_nl on 12-Feb-2016 09:15

And allas, that seems hard to retrofit into the language

Posted by agent_008_nl on 14-Feb-2016 06:38

Besides it is questionable if  opening the door to functional programming would help us abl developers much. (article from 2014 with subtitle "Mostly functional" programming does not work by Erik Meijer,  a Dutch computer scientist and entrepreneur. From 2000 to early 2013 he was a software architect for Microsoft where he headed the Cloud Programmability Team).

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