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Posted by Tony on 02-Feb-2016 15:59

Hi there,

I know with 11.x you can now remove a product license via the license update utility. But my question is, can you add it back or does it require an install?

Thanks, Tony.

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Posted by Jean Richert on 04-Feb-2016 01:59

Anyone following this forum has ever tried what Tony describes?

Posted by cverbiest on 04-Feb-2016 02:28

If you create a backup before removing the update you can restore that backup.

AFAIK only progress.cfg is updated and no files are removed during uninstall but with a full backup you'd be able to restore other files as well.

You should be able to install additional licenses as well but I never tried install, uninstall, reinstall.

Posted by Libor Laubacher on 04-Feb-2016 02:31

Generally when adding a new product one needs to install it to make sure all binaries, registry, properties, config files etc are in place. There are exceptions like for example "installing" Enterprise DB while Workgroup is present and/or Replication Plus while already having a Replication etc. There you can install the list of products somewhere else and swap progress.cfg (so you won't disrupt your production if this is live environment). So if the product has been removed via license update utility and now for whatever reason on the same install you need it back you can do the same approach (install on another machine and replace cfg, or if you have a copy of it prior the product removal ...). There is still an install, but no disruption to your live production environment (if this is a production).

Posted by Tony on 04-Feb-2016 14:50

Thanks for the explanation and work around Libor.

Is the license only checked at the time the product is launched, such as starting a GUI client or starting a DB. And therefore any processing that is already running won't be effected by swaping the progress.cfg until it is restarted?

Posted by Libor Laubacher on 07-Feb-2016 17:30

That is correct on both counts I believe.

Posted by Tony on 07-Feb-2016 18:01

Thank you.

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