Common Component Specification (CCS) - Registration process

Posted by Jean Richert on 08-Jan-2016 04:41

Hi all,

Some of you may have been following this other thread about our CCS project where some concerns and comments were made about the registration process.

As we are listening to our Community members, we took into account some of your suggestions and made the following changes to the CCS registration process:

  • No more NDA for you to agree on.
  • Simplified registration form:
    • With pre-filled fields using data you provided us through your progress-id.
    • Far less mandatory fields giving you the option not to share if you're not willing to.
    • Removed some fields too.

With these changes in place, we hope more Community members will join our CCS project initiative. If you're interested to learn more about it and eventually register, here are some links:

  • CCS Community group available here. Click "Join Request" to start the registration. 
  • Project charter available here.
  • Project process and goals available here.

We are still asking Community members to register for the CCS project to get access to the group content. 

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Posted by James Palmer on 08-Jan-2016 04:54

This looks like a great improvement Jean. Thank you.

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