Unable to run progress commands

Posted by SIBSANKAR PRADHAN on 16-Dec-2015 09:40

Hi All,

I have installed 11.6 OE Unix version in my 32bit laptop but after installation ,i am not able to run any progress commands

like proutil ,prostrct from installed directory(/usr/dlc/bin) and all commands are showing invalid commands ,later i found out, these  commands are not available in bin dir ,so do we need to install something to run progress commands .

i am very new to  progress ,Could you please help me to sort out my problem  ,


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Posted by Matt Baker on 16-Dec-2015 09:43

In the installation directory 'bin' folder you'll find a script called 'proenv'.  This will modify your environment and update your PATH settings to include $DLC/bin.  It also configures a few other things.  Run this proenv script first, and you'll have the right environment for executing progress commands.

Posted by cverbiest on 16-Dec-2015 09:46

progress installer will optionally copy scripts to /bin .

but that makes it difficult to have multiple versions on one machine.

I usally add a /etc/profile.d/progress.sh script to the system.

export DLC PATH

Posted by SIBSANKAR PRADHAN on 16-Dec-2015 10:02

Thanks Matt for your quick response .

Forgot to mention , i am running commands after running proenv script but please let me know if we need to change or modify anything in proenv script .

Posted by SIBSANKAR PRADHAN on 16-Dec-2015 10:05

Thanks ..

sorry .. i could not find /etc/profile.d/progress.sh  ,Can you let me know if  we need to assign only these two environmental variable after proenv script  

Posted by cverbiest on 16-Dec-2015 10:33

/etc/profile.d/progress.sh will not exist. you can create it yourself.

I usually don't need more than those 2 variables but there are others that can be set.

page 208 of OpenEdge Getting Started: Installation and Configuration has a list

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