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Posted by Jeff Ledbetter on 13-Dec-2015 08:19

Unrelated to OE as this is my home PC..

For those that have upgraded to 10, have you noticed any stability differences between the upgrade and doing a clean installation? 

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Posted by Jean Richert on 13-Dec-2015 08:53

I haven't upgraded yet my home PC and was wondering the same abd which way would be "recommended"? Just goolged a bit. I guess the way to go is clean install even if it can be a bit more time consuming.


Posted by bronco on 14-Dec-2015 01:07

Well, I upgraded first only to find out that neither my wifi nor my wired networking was working anymore. So I ended up with a clean install, which was a clean install of 8.1 and 10 directly afterwards. So no experience with a real clean install.

I still have some issue with wifi however, if I disconnect from one network, my adapter doesn't pick up new networks.

Posted by Paul Mowat on 14-Dec-2015 02:33

You need to do the upgrade first so that your 78 or 8.1 license is transferred to a windows 10 one. it stores this against your windows/live account. But then if you do a windows 10 clean install it will remember the license details against your account and apply them automatically without the need to enter a license key. This is what I done and it worked without any problems.

Posted by Mike Fechner on 14-Dec-2015 02:50

Happy user of a upgraded Windows 10 on a Surface 3 pro.

Posted by Peter Judge on 14-Dec-2015 08:10

We've had the same 'no connect' issue at home. I had thought it depended on the machine (a Dell XPS13 in our case) and reverted some of the driver updates to fix it. I'm not sure I'm happy to hear your report :-/

Posted by Rom Elwell on 14-Dec-2015 08:30

No issues with a clean install on a XPS15.  The only 'issue' to share is related to the 'new' 4k display and scaling in Windows.  I had a bit of difficulty finding a solution that would allow me to work with a VM to my development box (running Win7 Pro) without everything in the VM window being minuscule in size.  I found using RDCMan 2.2 worked if I reduced both the resolution and scaling by 50% (from recommended settings) in Win10 with the 4k display.

Posted by Jeff Ledbetter on 14-Dec-2015 08:36

I have a Dell XPS 8500 at home (Windows 7). Early this year, I did the upgrade but a few things did not work (blue tooth for example) and my sound card driver wasn't compatible either. The Windows 10 upgrade adviser tells me that I am compatible but the Dell support site says differently and that no new drivers are coming. It doesn't seem logical, but I read of a few folks having success better success with a clean installation.

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