What happened to openedge mobile in OE 11.6?

Posted by OctavioOlguin on 08-Dec-2015 10:41

Today in PANS, i got this:


in the measure Progress is able to create this kind of transition guides, in that same measure new users can turn to progress... and we are able to find our way in this miriads of tools and oportunities.

(I was mobile user, and haven't been able to migrate to telerik yet. sales people here is lost in confusion about the procedures to migrate my account, and also haven't being able to upgrade to 11.6)

hope Santa brings me some joyful.

Jorge O Olguin


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Posted by egarcia on 08-Dec-2015 11:39

Hello Jorge,

Thank you for your post and festive spirit.

Regarding you not being able to migrate to Telerik yet.

Please notice that upgrading to 11.6 is not a requirement to migrate to Telerik Platform.

The migration does not require a special license for Telerik Platform. A specific license: Telerik for OpenEdge or Telerik for Rollbase is needed to have access to the Progress Data Service in the Screen Builder / Views based projects.)

Also, please keep in mind that the the Mobile App Builder environment has reached end of live.

It is still available as I write this but it would be shutdown in the future.

You should be able to migrate today.

Please let me know if you need additional information on this.

Thank you and regards,


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