Required password for administator VM in amazonAWS

Posted by Piotr Dusinski on 06-Dec-2015 16:40


I have problem in "Create mobile APP" - system expected credentials. I set right but it refuse.

I think that some firewall setting are wrong, I want to change it but system asks for admin password.

What to do?


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Posted by Sanjeva Manchala on 07-Dec-2015 00:44

Hi Piotr,
Where you are getting error when you try to create a Mobile App? If it is in PDS OE preferences, you need to provide Progress ID and Password as your credentials. But first you need to subscribe for Progress OpenEgde Mobile App Builder. Having said that Progress stopped support for current Mobile App Builder (https:/ and moved to a new Mobile development platform called Telerik AppBuilder. You can access Telerik AppBuilder using
From OpenEdge 11.6 onwards, PDS OE removed integration with OpenEgde Mobile App Builder (https:/ For more information on creating Mobile App using Telerik AppBuilder refer to the following link:
Hope this helps,

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