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Posted by Piotr Dusinski on 05-Dec-2015 11:45

Hello, Hello!

I am completely new in Progress Technology. I am going to know more, I am programmer in c#, java,js,sql.

I play first youtube lesson:

I have also access to virtual machine run in Amazon servers. I opened disk catalog and found Eclipse but I can't find any icon PDSOE what is required to make this lesson. My Eclipse doesn't have option in Windows/Preferences/Mobile APP Builder

Who want to help me?

Thank you!


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Posted by Sanjeva Manchala on 07-Dec-2015 00:38

Hi Piotr,
PDS OE is a separate OpenEgde component that user need to install specifically if he/she plans to develop OpenEdge applications using PDS OE. You can check whether PDS OE installed or not from “License Info” start menu item. To launch License Info start menu item, go to “Start Menu > All Programs > Progress > OpenEdge <version> > License Info”.  In this dialog you can find all the OpenEdge components installed in your machine, you can find an Product Name entry with “Progress Developer Studio OE” if PDS OE is installed.
If PDS OE is installed, you can launch PDS OE from “Start Menu > All Programs > Progress > OpenEdge <version> >Progress Developer Studio 3.7 - Clean” (for 11.2).
Hope this helps,

Posted by Mike Fechner on 07-Dec-2015 00:52

Note that unless you're "dropping" in Eclipse plugins frequently or developing Eclipse plugins yourself, I don't see a need to use the "Clean" option. The -clean startup parameter does flush and reinitialize plugin and extension configuration during the start. Makes Eclipse start slower and most of the time that's not needed.

Posted by egarcia on 07-Dec-2015 05:05


Welcome to using Progress.

Just curious, what version of OpenEdge are you using? (OpenEdge 11.5 or 11.6? OpenEdge 11.6 Classroom Edition?)

The video that you referred to is old.

The development of mobile apps with OpenEdge now uses Telerik Platform (Telerik AppBuilder / Telerik Screen Builder).

You might want to use the video and information in the following workshop to get started:

I hope you find it useful.


Posted by Piotr Dusinski on 10-Dec-2015 17:16

Thank you!

I use version 116 Showroom image Development, AppServer and DB 12/07/2015 11:04 PM

on Amazon clound.

I download video as you recomended. I will learn.


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