We will be extending the CCS NDA Waiver period.

Posted by Tom Kincaid on 01-Dec-2015 16:40

We are in the process of trying to eliminate the NDA requirements for joining the CCS. We have extended the NDA Waiver period to January 13th, 2016.

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Posted by Marian Edu on 02-Dec-2015 00:54

Hi Tom,

what exactly does that mean, right now is the NDA still required to join CCS or that was lifted already but only for a limited time period? I do not think an NDA can be applicable here, maybe a contributor agreement of some sort but that sounds less scary :)


Posted by Mike Fechner on 02-Dec-2015 00:59

Hi Marian,

lawyers ... difficult to understand. I believe that's an universal fact.

The NDA can only be removed from CCS when everybody who initially signed it, accepts the removal. For that reason we have to keep the NDA for new registrations currently.

We really urge the hand full of CCS members that have not approved the NDA removal yet to do so ASAP - or get back to Tom with reasons why you won't or can't.



Posted by Marian Edu on 02-Dec-2015 06:19

Ah, I see... so the extension is for them to waive the NDA :)

Thanks Mike.

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