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Posted by OctavioOlguin on 24-Nov-2015 15:56

trying to use:

found that it won't work, neither IE edge, Chrome, opera, nor Firefox (all current versions).

(while loading, the links are there, but at finishing load page, it flickers a tiny Little bit, and then all links inside the content die.-menus and otherwise, navigation links remain- just the topic content freezes

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Posted by Dileep Dasa on 24-Nov-2015 22:37

Yes, the content is freezing after page finishes its load. As a work around, we can just click on the links before page finishes loading (we should be very quick enough to do this)

Posted by Sanjeva Manchala on 25-Nov-2015 00:14

Hi OctavioOlguin,
Seems the link is broken, we will fix this issue soon. Meanwhile please go through the individual links for different topics in that page:
Complete documentation set for the latest release:
Documentation for all OpenEdge releases:
OpenEdge Training Catalog:       
Hope this helps,

Posted by Rhonda Fitzgerald on 25-Nov-2015 06:29

Another workaround is to remove the "s" from the https in the URL:

Posted by OctavioOlguin on 25-Nov-2015 11:16

It is it!.

trying yo make race with browser couldn't been done... it's just imposible.

So the tip with removing S on https.... it's the solution.

Problem in the page, is a open symbol (parenthesis, key or something like that) not closed?

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