Progress 11.5.1 to Virtual server

Posted by katammi1 on 23-Nov-2015 02:19


can Progress 11.5.1 be installed to Virtual server with OE Enterprise RDMBS (UBP) license?

Our customer has no 102b with ubp oe enterprise rdbms license and the are removing to progress 11.5, only they suggested virtual server for databases. Can the progress be installed and used on virtual database server if the license is format UBP?

Best, katriina

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Posted by Brian Bowman on 24-Nov-2015 13:24

Hi Katrina -

  You can run the OpenEdge database on a virtual machine.  There are many customers that are doing this today.  The User based pricing does not limit this from happening.  You do, however, have to ensure you have the correct licenses for the configuration you are looking to run.  You would have to work with your account manager to ensure this.


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