OESNMP now available: monitor your OpenEdge Infrastructure f

Posted by jankeir on 09-Nov-2015 04:49

As promised on the Pug Challenge last Friday I have just released OESNMP on github: https://github.com/jankeirse/oesnmp

OESNMP is a set of utilites to expose information about OpenEdge Appservers, Databases and related infrastructure to Monitoring systems supporting SNMP. This allows you to notice unusual behaviour, verify performance tuning has the desired results, warn you before problems result in downtime,... You can use it with enterprise monitoring solutions and take advantage of all the features these provide.

It is released for free under GPL version 3, you are welcome to try it out, but bear in mind it comes with no official support, make sure you test thoroughly in your setting before rolling out to production. If you have issues please use the issue tracker at https://github.com/jankeirse/oesnmp/issues

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Posted by Martha Lynch on 11-Nov-2015 12:23

Thank you for sharing this.

Posted by jankeir on 13-Nov-2015 01:26

My pleasure!

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