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Posted by Andrzej_Sz on 22-Oct-2015 06:07

Are there any wizards in Developer Studio to create Pro Datasets from existing database tables ?

What is the easiest way from "for each..." loops to Dataset objects ? Is TEMP-DB Maintenace Tool the best temp-table generator ?



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Posted by Mike Fechner on 22-Oct-2015 06:14

There is the "OpenEdge Tools for Business Logic" (T4BL) perspective in Progress Developer Studio. This is a half-heartedly and half-finished only tool to drag and drop DB tables and build ProDatasets.

The purpose of the TEMP-DB maintenance tool was mainly to allow AppBuilder based UI design to work against a TEMP-DB database.

If you want something more sophisticated, you should watch out for the Business Entity Designer of the SmartComponent Library during the upcoming PUG Challenge conference in Copenhagen ( That will not only generate the dataset structure, it provide flexible code generation for Business Entities and related objects with round-trip engineering.

Posted by Andrzej_Sz on 26-Oct-2015 15:59

Thank you for the hint, Mike. I did some experiments with OE Tools for Business Logic. Documentation explainations weren't very clear so I had problems with some Business Logic Components operations e.g. renaming and removing components from model, coping components between models. Could you give me some "good practice" hints for using this Tools ?

Posted by agent_008_nl on 29-Oct-2015 04:17

Allas, the good practise hint is to not use T4BL at all. It is buggy. A simple tool, without the nice-looking graphical interface is not difficult to build yourself. I did it. Saves a lot of time/errors compared to writing the definitions by hand (if you have enough defintions to generate).

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