REST Query Parameter with multiple values

Posted by Andrew Stalker on 12-Oct-2015 04:41


I have a rest service at /test where i want to pass an id so in the URI id write /test?id=123.

However i want to get more than one id like /test?id=123&id=456&id=789.

I was assuming this would change the progress parameter i'm mapping it to to need to be an extent, but this doesn't work

Is it possible to actually pass a URI in this format?

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Posted by Srinivas Munigala on 12-Oct-2015 04:54

If you are mapping it to an Extent, you need to pass the data in below format:


If you are mapping them to independent parameters, you need to pass the data in below format:


Posted by kevin_saunders on 13-Oct-2015 02:53

The mapping needs to be adjusted in order to 'know' about the additional parameters as explained in Mike Fechner's reply to my query in this post (see the image):

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