How to change existing Database Index to Unique

Posted by Akioma on 06-Oct-2015 04:12

Hi all,

we have some Primary indexes in the DB that are not unique, and want to change that.
I assume we cannot simply update the index, so the question is how to achieve this.

My plan is to creat a .df file that deletes the existing index and adds a new index which is unique.
Is this the right solution or are there better ways..?

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!



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Posted by pliscki on 06-Oct-2015 07:50

There's no way. You have to drop the current index and create a new one.  Just make sure that this new index will hold only unique values.

Posted by Akioma on 06-Oct-2015 09:00

That's what I feared... :-)

Anyway, thanks for verifying!

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