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Posted by Fernando.Ferreira on 05-Oct-2015 14:01

Hello everyone !

How connect my OpenEdge Develper Studio with Telerik Plataform to user Kendo UI?

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Posted by egarcia on 05-Oct-2015 14:59


You can use OpenEdge Developer Studio side by side with Telerik Platform to use Kendo UI.

The Telerik AppBuilder and Telerik Screen Builder provide options to develop applications with Kendo UI and access an OpenEdge backend.

With OpenEdge Developer Studio, you can create a Mobile project (OpenEdge project with Mobile as the project type) to create a Mobile Service (Progress Data Service). Deselect the "Create a Mobile App" checkbox. You would create the Mobile App using Telerik AppBuilder.

With Telerik AppBuilder, you can create a Mobile project. Create an app (Hybrid app and start with a blank app) then use create project to create an AppBuilder Hybrid project and use Progress Data Service to the project template. Then you can configure the project using the information in the README.txt file.

The following link has a summary of the steps:


The following workshop shows how Progress Developer Studio and Telerik AppBuilder to access OpenEdge from Kendo UI:

I hope this helps.

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