Cannot run odbc grants to Progress database

Posted by katammi1 on 29-Sep-2015 04:08


When running odbc grants to progress database comes following error:

[root@stalademo dbdemo]# sqlexp -char -infile allfiles.SQL -outfile sql.log -db name -S 5004 -H ip-address  -user sysprogress -password xxx
OpenEdge Release 11.5.1 as of Wed May 6 18:21:44 EDT 2015
Connecting user "sysprogress" to URL "jdbc:datadirect:openedge://IP.xx.xx.x:5004;databaseName=xxx"... (8920)
Error: [DataDirect][OpenEdge JDBC Driver]Error establishing socket to host and port: ip.xx.xx.x:5004. Reason: Yhteys torjuttu. (8933)
See "/epdbs/company/6.2/dbdemo/sqlexp.log" and "/epdbs/company/6.2/dbdemo/SQLExplorer.exceptions" files for more information. (8950)

It worked fine last week. Any ideas what might had happened?

br, katriina

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Posted by katammi1 on 29-Sep-2015 04:36

Never mind - it started to work after restarting database.

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