Where are OpenEdge Educational Videos

Posted by Andrzej_Sz on 23-Sep-2015 09:35

I can't find "OpenEdge Educational Videos" because the link from "OE 11.5 Product Documentation" page leads me to the different page as usual.

LINK: https://community.progress.com/community_groups/openedge_general/w/openedgegeneral/1117.openedge-educational-videos.aspx 

LINKS TO: https://community.progress.com/f 

SHOULD BE: https://community.progress.com/community_groups/openedge_general/w/openedgegeneral/1117.openedge-educational-videos

The OpenEdge 11.5 Product Documentation
The OpenEdge 11.5 Product Documentation
OpenEdge 11.5 Product Documentation

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Posted by Jean Richert on 23-Sep-2015 14:46

Looks like a broken link. Let me have a look and fix that.

What about the following?


Posted by Margaret Collins on 23-Sep-2015 14:50

Hi Jean, Rhonda Fitzgerald of the DOC team just fixed the link J.

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