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Posted by gdb390 on 23-Sep-2015 02:32


We have a problem with a REST service for our document portal.  (11.5)

In the morning when we want to login on our document portal we get a message service unavailable from our website builder .

When we log in a second time, there's no problem. Everything works.  The rest of the day, there's no problem.

It looks like appserver or tomcat is going to sleep mode over night .  When we check, we have 5 appserver processes that are available.

Are there any suggestions to prevent this from happening ?


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Posted by BartMille on 23-Sep-2015 02:53

Do you stop the appserver over night without stopping Tomcat?

Posted by gdb390 on 23-Sep-2015 03:05

No appserver is stopped over night

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