Code Documentation Software?

Posted by jmartin104 on 22-Sep-2015 07:12

I have seen attempts to automate code documentation in the past, but nothing really usable. Have we progressed any further in this area?

I'm looking for something that can be run against a .p and output something that provides insight into what the program does. Scanning for comments may not be so good since a large number of coders seem to be afraid of adding any or any that actually makes sense.


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Posted by James Palmer on 22-Sep-2015 07:15

You should definitely check out for this sort of thing. It will profile a whole codebase and allow you to work out all sorts of interesting things about what the code is doing.

Posted by James Palmer on 22-Sep-2015 07:16

Oh, and come to the PUG in Copenhagen where Dr. Thomas Mercer-Hursh is presenting a paper on how to use it.

Posted by Valeriy Bashkatov on 23-Sep-2015 09:56

ABLDoc in the Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge 11.5 does not fit?

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