Is there a way for PDS to recognize overridden properties of

Posted by jquerijero on 11-Sep-2015 12:52

Any property sets inside the base class should not be propagated as overridden value for the child classes. Currently, the child class source code creates extraneous property assignment for any overridden property inside the base class. This defeats the purpose of having a base class, since changes to the value of the property inside the base class will no longer propagate to the child classes.

This should be true for custom controls (control derived from existing control or UserControl). 

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Posted by Phani Sajja on 15-Sep-2015 07:13


Looks like an issue. Does super class has the property assignment or it is creating for any declaration of property statement inside super class.

Can you please give some scenario where this issues is seen so that we can investigate on this.



Phani S.

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